Autobox Filler

The Autobox Filler simplifies the packing process and is easy to train an operator on. It is programmable for 2.5kg and up. It can work with multiple box sizes, Euro boxes or it can use bag templates for cherries. It has a high throughput and can run 3 tons per hour. The process of the Autobox filler is that it feeds boxes automatically underneath, while cherries are fed on top. The produce is weighed into boxes. When the box reaches its target weight and the next box enters. The screen to monitor the activity is a large touch screen with high resolution.  Also, the height can be adjusted to ergonomically fit your team.  It is made of stainless steel and FDA approved plastics. The Autobox Filler creates long-term financial gain with fewer needed employees and can be remotely operated. It is designed in consideration of your unique space/needs.

*Can work with thermal printer and Direct to pack software.


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